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Is Your Dog A Picky Eater?

dog food for picky eaterIs your dog a picky eater? If so, you are not alone. We saw this first hand when we were dog sitting for a friend for a couple of weeks. She brought over the food and treats and said that Maggie was a little picky when it came to her food. She had to try all kinds of things (adding chicken to her food etc) to entice her enough to start eating.

Needless to say, the first few days were trying to say the least. Maggie is an awesome dog but……..she was just not interested in her food. So, we decided to add some of the Life’s Abundance food that we were feeding our dogs and see what happened. Voila! She became very interested! And she finished off her food. Maggie is now a raving fan of Life’s Abundance! She’s even getting the Life’s Abundance canned food as a treat on top just because!

Lifes Abundance canned dog food

Life’s Abundance Canned Dog Food. Looks Yummy Doesn’t it?

This example definitely leads us to the question, “Why are some dogs such picky eaters?” There could be several answers to this question. For example, maybe the owner is feeding off the table also so the dog becomes less interested in their food and wants whats on the table.

boy saying yuck

Or maybe, just maybe, the food just does not taste good! Did you know that many dog food manufacturers make their food, distribute it to warehouses and it can sit there for up to a year before it ever reaches the store? Yep, its true. That could definitely have an effect on the overall taste of the food. Plus, so many dog foods are filled with yucky ingredients, preservatives and colorings that they just don’t taste good period!!

Life's Abundance dry dog food

Life’s Abundance Dry Dog Food Dogs Give It A Paws Up!

Life’s Abundance is manufactured and shipped fresh within 4 to 6 weeks of being made and it is delivered directly to your doorstep! No yucky ingredients, preservatives or colorings. So, if your dog is just putting his foot down and saying no to his food, you might want to think about giving Life’s Abundance a try. You might find out you don’t have a picky eater anymore!!

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Why We Became Life’s Abundance Dog Food Distributors

Charlie and Candice 001Our journey with Life’s Abundance began several years ago when we were frantically searching the web for a dog food for our dog Elly.

She was having several heath issues and we were looking for a holistic dog food that might be good for her. We finally ran across Life’s Abundance, read a little about the company and products, and decided to give it a try. Elly responded very well to it and we became raving fans of the food.


Our Dog Elly

We continued to be customers for several years and very satisfied customers at that.  Our curiosity was peaked though when we saw that you could actually become distributors of the food.

We started reading about becoming a Life’s Abundance Distributor and how you could earn income by sharing these products with others. We also saw that Life’s Abundance had a foundation that helped dog and cat rescue organizations throughout the country and that really impressed us. Plus, it had never been on a recall list…….and that was really impressive too.

So we decided, what the heck, we love the food and products, why not give it a try. Looking back we feel like it was the smartest thing we ever did. Granted, it is not a get rich quick business, so don’t let anyone tell you it is. But, it is a business that can grow year after year at your own pace and build something for the future.

The best part  (besides helping dogs and cats get quality nutrition) is that it provides honest to goodness residual income ( that’s income that you receive month after month for customers (and distributors) you have introduced to Life’s Abundance.


Our Newest Addition To The Family Now On Life’s Abundance And Loving It Too!

These are incredible products that speak for themselves and that makes the customer retention rate very high.

So if you are a dog lover and searching for a home based business for yourself , you really should check out the Life’s Abundance business. And if nothing else, please check out the Life’s Abundance products. Your dog and cat (yes we have cat products too!) will definitely love you for it! Ours did!

If you have questions or would like to know more about Life’s Abundance, please feel free to get in touch with us CLICK HERE

Or you can check out the Life’s Abundance opportunity page HERE. If it is something that resonates with you we would LOVE to have you as part of our team.

If that’s the case, be sure and come back to this website and become a distributor through the opportunity page link above. That will assure that you will be on our team and we can work together with you to grow your business.

Wishing you all the best!


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