How Does Your Dog Food Compare?

retriever with ball in mouthWouldn’t it be nice if you could know the good, the bad and the ugly about the dog food you are currently feeding your dog?

How does it really compare to other dog food brands? Is it as good as it says it is on the bag?

Well, below you will find a link to a comparison chart that lists many of the dog foods on the market today.

The truth is, the only way to really know is to read the ingredient list. It will tell you a lot about the food, especially in the first five ingredients listed.


boy saying yuck

So here’s the skinny on dog food. This is what you DON’T want in your dogs food:



Wheat Gluten

Corn Gluten



By Products of any kind (hint… will say “by products”) and please know that could be anything, and I mean anything! Blood, chicken heads, chicken feet, intestines, yuk, yuk, yuk!!


Corn and wheat are cheap sources of food with hardly any nutritional value for the dog plus it can contribute to allergies as your dog ages.


happy dogThis is what you DO want in dog food:

Good protein source (Chicken, chicken meal (even better than whole chicken as water is removed and it becomes a concentrated protein source)

Fruits and Vegetables

Prebiotics (This is what feeds probiotics)

Probiotics  (this is GOOD bacteria like what is in yogurt)

Vitamins and Minerals including A C and D

Animal Fat (yes, fat is good for dogs:-)

Omega 3 fatty acids

confused dog (2)So, are you just dying to know how your dog food stacks up?

Well go get it right now and sit down and read the ingredient list. Is protein listed as the first or second ingredient? If not, that’s not a good sign:-( Does it have more good stuff in it or more bad stuff?

If the bad stuff rules then you better regroup and think about finding a better quality dog food for your sweet and loyal friend.

So how does your dog food compare? Find Out Click Here




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