Is Your Dog A Picky Eater?

dog food for picky eaterIs your dog a picky eater? If so, you are not alone. We saw this first hand when we were dog sitting for a friend for a couple of weeks. She brought over the food and treats and said that Maggie was a little picky when it came to her food. She had to try all kinds of things (adding chicken to her food etc) to entice her enough to start eating.

Needless to say, the first few days were trying to say the least. Maggie is an awesome dog but……..she was just not interested in her food. So, we decided to add some of the Life’s Abundance food that we were feeding our dogs and see what happened. Voila! She became very interested! And she finished off her food. Maggie is now a raving fan of Life’s Abundance! She’s even getting the Life’s Abundance canned food as a treat on top just because!

Lifes Abundance canned dog food

Life’s Abundance Canned Dog Food. Looks Yummy Doesn’t it?

This example definitely leads us to the question, “Why are some dogs such picky eaters?” There could be several answers to this question. For example, maybe the owner is feeding off the table also so the dog becomes less interested in their food and wants whats on the table.

boy saying yuck

Or maybe, just maybe, the food just does not taste good! Did you know that many dog food manufacturers make their food, distribute it to warehouses and it can sit there for up to a year before it ever reaches the store? Yep, its true. That could definitely have an effect on the overall taste of the food. Plus, so many dog foods are filled with yucky ingredients, preservatives and colorings that they just don’t taste good period!!

Life's Abundance dry dog food

Life’s Abundance Dry Dog Food Dogs Give It A Paws Up!

Life’s Abundance is manufactured and shipped fresh within 4 to 6 weeks of being made and it is delivered directly to your doorstep! No yucky ingredients, preservatives or colorings. So, if your dog is just putting his foot down and saying no to his food, you might want to think about giving Life’s Abundance a try. You might find out you don’t have a picky eater anymore!!

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