Unique Ongoing Fundraiser For Dog And Cat Rescues With Life’s Abundance

Are You Tired Of The Same Old Fundraising? 

 Now Your Contributors Can Feed Their Pets & Help Save Other Pets Lives.

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Life’s Abundance can give your contributors and new pet parents an opportunity to feed their pets premium health food and help save other pets lives, while your Shelter/Rescue earns an ongoing income.

When a dog or cat is adopted, the new pet parent often doesn’t know what to feed their dog or cat. They are looking for answers. As a pet rescue or shelter, you can solve that problem by letting them know they can feed premium, natural dog and cat food and continue to support the shelter/rescue at the same time.

Month after month as they order, your shelter/rescue earns commissions and bonuses on those orders. Fundraising for dog and cat shelters and rescues is not an easy task and this has the potential to bring in a steady stream of income monthly.

Here’s how it works……..Your Shelter/Rescue becomes a Life’s Abundance distributor (as little as 29.95 to get started) and then starting in the 2nd month it’s just $10.95 a month for your Shelter/Rescues very own Life’s Abundance website. That’s it!

You can then attach the Life’s Abundance site to your current rescue or shelter site and your customers can order online. Life’s Abundance does all the work and ships the orders directly to their home! No inventory on your part.

Refer others to Life’s Abundance and your shelter/rescue gets paid each and every time they place an order! It’s a win win situation for everyone! (especially the pets!)

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Click Here To View A Life’s Abundance Website

Click Here To Start Earning Your Shelter Or Rescue An Ongoing Income With Life’s Abundance

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